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Veranstaltungen singles berlin stay at home! What a pitty!

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We strive for a better veranstaltungen singles berlin. A healthy lifestyle will no longer exclude partying per se.

In den Abendstunden bei festlicher Beleuchtung und Glühwein fällt es nicht schwer, nicht nur die Weihnachtsdeko anzuschauen, sondern auch der Traumfrau oder dem Traummann gegenüber in die Augen. Am beliebtesten ist übrigens der Weihnachtsmarkt am Gendarmenmarkt Web Weihnachtsmarkt am Gendarmenmarkt Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin - Dezember zur Superparty unter freiem Himmel.

Our guests will be able to combine their busy lives with ecstatic after-work events. This sounds funky but let us explain: The essence of a great event is its social energy.

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Veranstaltungen singles berlin is exactly the spirit that we aim for on Sober Sensation events. State-of-the-art event techniques will ensure a unique five-sense experience for our guests.

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Therefore we gathered a team of the best scent-artists, DJs, dancers and artists around us who know how to stir up the crowd. Action areas will get the guests involved with veranstaltungen singles berlin like yoga, zumba and more, giving them the possibility and space to connect. Sure, we cut out one element of traditional bartending.

Next to non-alcoholic beer and smoothies our bar will serve local nitro-coffee and kombucha along with the newest independent drinks and hippest lemonades. Rolling beats touch something buried deep inside us, back from the days when we were beating drums and dancing around veranstaltungen singles berlin campfire in a dark cave, connecting to something greater.

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Music will be in the center of our events while all other sensations will be carefully architectured around it. We will not settle on one specific genre but rather take our guests on a journey through the world of sound.

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We will give the most veranstaltungen singles berlin underground DJs and live acts a stage to transport their craft to the people while only using the best hardware on the market.

Mr SoberSensation Gideon Bellin is founder and initiator of Veranstaltungen singles berlin Sensation and on top of this a naturally born party host. Now he looks back onto some 11 years of professional work in events and nightlife.

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His vision is to inspire people worldwide with his revolutionary concept while changing the global nightlife scene.