Dinner leute kennenlernen. Mystery Lunch vernetzt Kollegen aus unterschiedlichen Abteilungen beim Mittagessen

Nette Leute kennenlernen Du bist Neuberliner und suchst neue Kontakte? Das ist gar nicht so kompliziert. So entstehen schnell neue Kontakte, die Dich in die Berliner Gesellschaft einführen und Dir die Eingewöhnung extrem vereinfachen. Noch schneller geht das Kennenlernen bei extra dafür vorgesehenen, coolen Events. Hier wirst Du fündig:

This is rudirockt The tastiest way to meet new people! Rudirockt is a 3 course menu that can accommodate any number of participants.

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Contrary to most three course menus, Rudi rockt doesn't take place in a single kitchen. Rather, the event is attended simultaneously throughout the city. Every course is served in the dining room of a different team.

Just another WordPress site Leute kennenlernen kochen Was dir, du sympathische neue leute kennenlernen.

The event ends with an dinner leute kennenlernen dinner party, where you have the opportunity to reconnect with participants. How rudirockt works Two people team up After the registration period, you will be sent a personalized dinner route, along with your assigned course either appetizer, entree, or dessert.

Auf andere Menschen zugehen - EINFACH neue Leute kennenlernen!

This course will be cooked in your own kitchen. Two other teams will join you, resulting in 6 people at your dining room table.

dinner leute kennenlernen

At a pre-determined time, each team will visit the home of another cooking pair. Sounds complicated?

Schnelle Vernetzung legt die Basis, um Vorurteile abzubauen und effizient zu arbeiten.

It's actually quite simple: Join rudirockt in your city! Every participant meets two new teams per course making that 12 new people in one evening.

Every cooking team receives a personal dinner route, so that you won't have to dinner leute kennenlernen about meeting the same pair twice.

dinner leute kennenlernen

Find an event in your city, and sign up with a cooking partner. Simply pull up your route online, and get going. A great chance to get to know dinner leute kennenlernen people in dinner leute kennenlernen city! Still questions left?

dinner leute kennenlernen

Just have a look in our FAQs!