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Look back to 's "The Calling" is tom thum single they were making a name for themselves but hadn't really broken through in any substantial way.

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They've only gone on to get bigger and bigger with each successive album, which is something to behold considering "The Hard Road" went to 1 anyway. By that point, the lyrics are still everyman relatable, but there's a drive for further success.

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Their next lead single after all was called "Chase That Feeling", and after that album was an even bigger success they had "Still Standing". So by the end of the s, they're already cemented as among the biggest names in Australian music let alone hip-hop. And from there they lap it up with celebratory anthems ike "I Love It" and "Cosby Sweater", which in these territories were lapped up in a big way with triple and quadruple platinum sales.

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And yet leave Australia and no one knows who the heck they are. Even with hip-hop firmly the music of the youth of today, there's just no room for Australians on the international scene.

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So it would seem that "" is ever so apt, given that it's about how they're stuck in an isolated hole that's behind the rest of the world who have no interest in it. They're from Adelaide after all, and we all know that's a hole.

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There's something charming to hear this semi-ironic celebration anthem. It's also kind of interesting that what has become is tom thum single Hoods' highest charting single is one where Pressure doesn't even have a verse. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out Suffa handled a lot of the production as well.

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Perhaps the 2nd most important member of the Hilltop Hoods family is actually Suffa's wife. If you go way back, the beloved sample on "The Nosebleed Section" was is tom thum single because Suffa heard it on is tom thum single shopping trip that she forced him to go on, and now here, it was her suggestion to get Montaigne to sing the hook on this song.

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Given the timing, I'd like to think that it harks to when "Clip My Wings" was is tom thum single a wonderful presence on the radio in Montaigne's voice is quite annoying in it as well.