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A similar relation of prostitutes to population number can also be found in other Austrian cities. The pimps were allowed to regulate their turf wars themselves; on the other hand they served as informants for the police.

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After the fall of the Iron Curtainhowever, the situation changed. Many young women from the former Eastern bloc came to Austria and were willing to work for less money than the Austrian women.

Additionally organized crime dating freiburg germany from vienna austria dating service and eastern Europe entered vienna austria dating service prostitution scene in Austria. Nowadays 60 to 90 percent [1] are migrantsmainly from the former east bloc countries, among them many commuters from the close Slovakia. For example, the police detained several nurses from Bratislava who earned more money vienna austria dating service one night on the streets of Vienna than in a vienna austria dating service month in the hospital in Bratislava.

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The Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior considers illegal prostitution as a problem because it comes along with crimes like human traffickingpimping and rape. In addition, unregistered prostitution creates health problems.

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A quarter of the arrested unregistered prostitutes had multiple infections with sexually transmitted diseases. Similar to the ministry, several human rights and migrants organizations who highlight the bad life and working conditions of prostitutes want a destabilization of prostitution and improve the working and social conditions of sex workers and to abolish the discrimination in the working vienna austria dating service and in the rights vienna austria dating service residence.

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Sincethe group www. They are a self-organisation of sex workers and promote the recognition of sex work as legitimate activity and the self-determination and political inclusion of sex workers into decision-making and policy vienna austria dating service, implementation and evaluation.

There is an increase of Nigerian prostitutes in Austria, whereby it was found out that many of them are victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

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The NGO Exit documents stories of these victims to increase public awareness. Furthermore, Exit counsels victims who seek help in special African dialects.

The exit was initiated by Joana Adesuwa Reiterer, vienna austria dating service Nigerian actress and writer based in Vienna who, after escaping a marriage with a pimp, started her research on human trafficking from Africa to Austria for sexual exploitation.

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While considering prostitution a social evil that should be eradicated, at the same time states that so long as it exists the party advocates solidarity with sex workers, their protection and opposes criminalisation as a step that merely drives the trade underground.

Amongst other approaches, they suggest unionisation.

vienna austria dating service

Human trafficking in Austria Austria is both a transit and a destination country for women and children trafficked from RomaniaBulgariaHungaryMoldovaBelarusUkraineSlovakiaNigeriaand sub-Saharan Africa for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation.

Upon arrival they are often coerced into prostitution.


Most victims were in the country illegally and feared being turned over to authorities and deported. Traffickers usually retained victims' official documents, including passportsto maintain control vienna austria dating service them. Victims reported being subjected to threats and physical violence. A major deterrent to victim cooperation with authorities was fear of retribution, both in Austria and in the victims' countries of origin.

Authorities estimated that organized crime groups from Eastern Europeincluding Russiacontrolled much of the vienna austria dating service.

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Police were also aware of cooperation between domestic and foreign citizens to traffic foreign prostitutes through the country. Women from Vienna austria dating service are trafficked through Spain and Italy to Austria for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Police and NGOs identified a combined total of trafficking victims inup from in In30 trafficking offenders for whom trafficking was the leading charge were convicted, an increase from 18 such convictions in The government vienna austria dating service a brochure on child trafficking in to raise awareness and provide advice on assisting this population of victims.

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Die Prostitution in Wien in historischer, administrativer und hygienischer Beziehung.